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Video Door Phone Gateway

Imagine you could monitor your guests, talk to them and open the door for them while you were out of the house. Video Door Phone Gatewayde your dreams come true. You can easily install the module to the video door phone monitor and its software on your cellphone so that you can have video call with your guests everywhere. The device has internal Wi-Fi or RJ45 sockets to be connected to internet. This device has two models: The first model of video door phone, four wires can be connected to the device. You just need to connect the video, audio, positive and negative wires at the back of the door phone to the module. The second model fits the CAT5 video door phones. You can install the system only by connecting a net cable at the back of the internal monitor to the module. On the application, the device can connect through Cloud and there is no need for complex net setting. The application also enables you to take the photo or video of the ones at the door. This provides more security for you and your family by simulating your presence at home.




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