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About us

The idea of smart home has been proposed for more than two decades, and many companies have brought various products to the market. The beginning of smart home introduction was associated with products which required a complicated infrastructure for execution. And overtime, wireless products which have ability to install in premade homes, and don’t require to execution of infrastructures of construction, found their way in the market.

Meanwhile, problems have been emerged that have made hard the development and promotion of market. In Smart Myer, we tried to propose some ideas to remove the problems and develop the way for expanding IOT and finding its way to the homes, in the following, the strategies of the company for achieving its aims are studied.

Probably, complexities of installation and operation and need to having programming knowledge and passing time consuming and expensive training courses caused that most of users avoid from using smart home and ignores their benefits. From the beginning, designing the smart systems of smart Myer was such a way that a user, watching training videos or installation manuals after two hours, will be able to install and operate the smart home. Smart systems of smart Myer do not require any preceding information for installation and operating the smart systems.

We believe that, installation smart home systems in a 100-meter unit should not be taken more than 2 hours, for this purpose, system was designed interactively , so that user can install the expected system in the fastest possible time.

One the other complications in smart home, is after- sales services. For example, how much user can be free in making changes after initial installation? Is it possible to write scenario and define time schedule? On the other hand, if he/she wants to add a new option to his/her home, can he/she do it easily or is dependent to servicing company all the time? These questions caused that, our R&D group proceeded to design system with ability of final user independent from servicing company approach. In smart home of smart Myer, user easily define and create new scenarios and can develop his/her smart systems independent from the company.

Our approach in Smart Myer is using expertise network through of which sales operation and after- sales services are received by final consumers. We wish that, people interested in smart making of building, could provide their all needs in smart home from commodity bundle of Smart Myer and don’t become confuse for performing a project and meeting the needs of customers among different brands.

In designing product of Smart Myer, it has attempted that all needs of a modern market based on European standards to be considered. R&D team, sales department and after - sales services are located at Milan-Italy, and the most skilled experts for designing and producing smart systems are employed.

Manufacturer factory of Smart Myer productions is located in Shenzhen, China and offer high-quality products, holder of European and American standards with a proper price, prices have been tried to be such a way that all interested in smart home issue have ability to use it.