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1-Gang Wireless Touch Switch

The Smart Myer smart touch keys are a combination of art and technology to create more comfort for controlling the house lighting. You should just touch any key to turn on the lights. These keys also have the capability to be remotely controlled using cellphone inside or outside the house. There is no need to be worried about the lights on after leaving the house, since the touch keys are always available. A part of these keys is made of anti-scratch crystal and there is no need to worry about touching the keys with wet hands or cleaning it with wet handkerchief. These keys are provided in white, black and gold colors and support one to three outlet poles. The keys are designed so that they can be simply replace the common keys and there is no need for extra wiring. The outputs are of high quality relay types and isolated internal circuits with useful life. Since the relays are compact, there would be no sparks at disconnections and so they reduces the fire danger. The keys connect to the master system at frequencies of 433MHz or 315MHz. This is a mutual connection and the user sends the order and have a real-time control of the touch key on the application. The smart touch keys can link to other smart keys and create a conversion circuit as a software. They can also be controlled through scenario keys independently. The user can use some simple settings to encrypt the controlling logics on the application so that he can turn the keys on and off on other smart devices such as curtains, outlets... Other devices can affect the key. This control logic can simply integrated with weekdays and day and night hours. For instance, opening of the smart curtain at sunny hours of the day, which leads to the entrance of natural light inside the building, links to the keys off and thus saves energy consumption.




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