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The new generation of Smart Myer motion sensors with a more beautiful and smaller design enables you use them more conveniently. It has also removable batteries for more convenience in installation and running and higher security of the product. After changing the batteries, the user has no need to change batteries for two years. High sensitivity and range of the product has led to its use for security and creating control logics at your smart homes. The user can easily control the smart home using the control conditions integrated with motion sensors. For instance, the device can be set so that at sleep time, when the security system is inactive, any motion leads to lights on. Another advantage of the product is that, it calibrates itself and works efficiently with a wide range of light intensity during the day and night. The product is in a wireless and mutual connection with the master controller so that the use can be informed about the battery usage and condition. This connection is on the net is secure and dedicated encryption of Smart Myer with an extremely high range.




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